A prophet in the Old Testament wrote, “Without a vision the people will perish.”

We need a vision. We need a purpose. Otherwise something within us dies. If you are ‘people’ this applies to you.

If you are a business owner, it is true for your employees as well.

Without a compelling purpose fueled by your vision, your employees won’t necessarily die at their desks or on the job.

No… they will look and act more like zombies; just grunting and going through the motions. Zombies rarely produce anything productive. They just feed on carnage.

Here is a couple quick thoughts to consider…

  • Are you a walking zombie? Do you lack a compelling vision? Are you feeling dead inside?
  • What about your people. How is your vision propelling them and bring life to their day?
  • Is there true life and energy in your business? Is there a compelling and invigorating purpose?

Perhaps now is the time to explore and reinvent your vision. Perhaps now is the time to do something really great and kill those zombies.

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