I had an interesting conversation with Ty Harper owner of Harper Physical Therapy the other day. I concluded that our businesses are very similar in nature.

The goal in his business is to move his patients from pain, discomfort and limited strength and mobility to a state of optimal strength, range of motion while reducing or eliminated the risk of reoccurring injury. It’s a process.

The goal of the Level 7 System is to move a business from a state of pain and reoccurring frustrations, limited growth and consistency to a state of optimal performance, predictable growth, freedom and satisfaction, scalability and sustainability. It’s a process too.

I learned in my conversation with Ty that just because an individual is out of pain or their range of motion is restored, doesn’t mean they have fully recovered. In fact, the most important work they do begins when the pain is over. That is when the process of building strength to reduce and eliminate potential reinjures begins.

The challenge is people often quit when they are out of pain. About 80-90%.

Mediocrity has no pain. That is why people remain there. It takes a very special person to work toward excellence; to work past the pain and build from there; to stick with it.

The same is true about business. Once we eliminate a pain, even if it is momentary, we stop there and move on to the most pressing frustrations. And Lord knows business presents a consistent stream of frustrations and challenges. With this approach of never taking to solution beyond the cessation of pain we never get whole or well. Like a patient who stops treatment too soon, we are setting ourselves up for re-injury or continued breakdowns.

The Level 7 System provides a simple approach to eliminating the common pain and frustrations businesses experience.

  • It helps when we are frustrated with sales or lead generation.
  • It helps when we are frustrated with employee consistency and performance.
  • It helps when we are struggling with cash flow and personal income.
  • It helps when the business is totally dependent on the business owner or key employees.
  • It helps with any situation that is driving you crazy in your organization. (Yes! It’s true. Watch this video and see for yourself)

But Level 7 is more than just eliminating pain; it’s about building a great business.

The key to eliminating pain and frustration and building a great business comes down to one simple thing.

A business needs to implement what we call the Systems Development Cycle. In a nutshell the Systems Development Cycle includes:

  1. The creation, training and delegation of company systems.
  2. The regular performance evaluation of your systems.
  3. The periodic innovation and improvement of your systems as needed.
  4. Repeat.

We do this because we know that the key to success of any organization is dependent on the quality of your systems. And if you want to improve your business, you improve your systems.

I want to show you how to implement the Systems Development Cycle in your organization. Click here now!