About 5 years ago I was challenged by Josh Rogers, the owner and, at the time, Head Trainer of Sweat. Sweat is the place people go to get individualized health and fitness training in a group setting. More specifically, Sweat is a place where people go to get results.

I went to Sweat to get back in shape. To lose some weight. To get fit. Josh challenged me to lose 30 pounds in 3 months.
Thanks to his system and the fact that he kicked my rear end everyday to make sure I was getting results, I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks.
Well, I suppose it’s time to return the favor.
Josh has asked me to help him “systemize” his business so he can begin to grow it, significantly. Expansion is in the air as I write this. 
Josh understands one very important principle behind the Level 7 System. This principle or philosophy is a really big deal. It will make all the difference in the world behind whether or not a business really succeeds or not.
Here it is…
The key to the success of your organization is totally and entirely dependent on the quality of your systems. When you improve your systems, you improve your business.
That’s it.
Now one quick point of clarification. Within the context of the statement above, a system could be a step by step process intended to produce a result, a company policy or standard (it could be an expectation of a desired attitude), it could be a document or tool that describes an aspect of the vision, goals, direction or culture of the organization or it could be some form of technology.
The better a business engages in the process of developing and innovating those systems, the better the business is going to be.
One of the core values of Sweat is to do more than what they think is possible. They push their clients beyond what they think they can do. They challenge each others to go beyond their limiting beliefs. And as a company they strive to be better than what they believe is possible.
So it seemed fitting that I challenged Josh and his team to do something that NO LEVEL 7 BUSINESS HAS EVERY DONE.
I challenged them to document and systemize their business in 7 WEEKS. Their goal is to complete the initial documentation of their business operation by December 31st, 2012.
The other day, myself and his team developed a strategy to get it done. It’s won’t be easy, nothing ever good is easy, but it is doable based on our plan.
And if I know Josh and his team at Sweat, I have no doubt it’s going to happen.
I’ll keep you up to speed with their progress.
Stay tuned as I prepare to release our new Level 7 – Systemize Your Business in 90 Days Challenge. It’s going to be fast, intense, fun and effective. It’s going to transform your business and life forever.