“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

Said another way, ” We need to change our approach if we want different results.”

Here is the catch…sometimes we don’t even realize we are approaching the same problems the same way.

A business owner said to me the other day, “I need to fix some problems I am having before I begin implementing the Level 7 System in my business.”

I would quote Albert Einstein and tell him that he won’t really fix the problems because he hasn’t changed his mindset and approach.

He is taking on the problem that he create with the same thinking that caused the problem in the first place. My fear, and likely reality for him, is that things won’t change for him. He is just delaying the inevitable. Nothing is going to be really different.

Here is evidence that maybe your thinking needs adjusting and you might be approaching things ineffectively.

  • Your business is dependent on you.
  • Your business is stuck and not really growing.
  • Your business isn’t fun and serving your life.

You could also take this quick assessment to see if that way you think about your business is holding it back. Go here.

Here are some productive questions that could be beneficial in helping to adopt the right thinking that will lead to appropriate action.

  • What is it that we are really trying to accomplish in the business? People with right thinking have absolute clarity on their goals and vision for the business.
  • How are we going to accomplish our goals? Right thinking people take the time to ponder the approach first. They take time to think things through.
  • What is holding me back from taking action? What are my fears? Right thinking people have awareness of there own limitation and the things that get in their own way of taking action.
  • Is there expertise in an area I lack that is needed in this situation? Right thinking people are humble enough to admit they might need help or additional training.

The first step in becoming a right thinking person is to take time to think. I recommend giving yourself an hour or two a week to just think. Don’t act yet. Just begin considering some of the questions posed above. See how it impacts the things you doing going forward.