Imagine getting in your car heading out to dinner or a movie with the family and as you’re driving you randomly hit the brakes and come to a complete stop every 1/4 mile or so. I am not talking about stopping at a traffic light or stop sign. I am talking about randomly hitting the brakes and just stopping.

After a few times of doing that your family is probably going to get annoyed or frustrated with you.

Well the same thing happens every time you start an initiative to begin to improve and transform your business (like Level 7 Implementation) and you stop progressing in your efforts. Every time you stop your progress it frustrates your people. They will ultimately want to get out of the car because you are a bad driver.

Now, I didn’t say you had to drive fast. And I didn’t say you don’t pause for a moment at appropriate times, like a stop light, to look around for a moment and evaluate where you are. I am suggested that random starting and stopping is not healthy to ongoing progress and results.

The key is consistency.

Now would be a good time to implement your CEO Prioritizer. The CEO Prioritizer ensures that you are staying consistent in your focus and progress towards complete Level 7 Implementation.

1- Identify the areas you are responsible for working on consistently. ie. Manager mentoring, focusing on ensuring systems are being completed, developing yourself as a leader by working on and communicating your vision.

2- Set and calendar a schedule to work on these elements on a regular basis. We recommend weekly.

3- Establish some internal accountability with others to ensure you stay on track. Example: tell some of your key people that every month you are going to conduct a company wide review of the progress you’ve made in implementation. Tell them that no matter what happens the meeting will take place – no excuses. Ask them to hold you to the commitment.