The purpose of the Level 7 System is to help you build a better business.

Building a better business can mean different things to different people. The first step in building a better business, and life, is to start by defining it. Dreaming. Envisioning. Writing it down.

But wait…before you start…a word of caution.

You need to be very mindful of the questions you ask when defining your vision or goals.

If you begin with the question “What do I want?” or “What will it be?” That’s a great start. Leaders ask “what”. The leaders interest is defining. Not figuring how to get there…at least yet.

That will come later.

If you ask the question “How are we going to get there” too soon, it could and will most likely distract you from discovering the vision. Because if you can’t answer “how” at that point you might stop.

The HOW question is the worst question to ask when setting your goals. Managers ask “How”. So don’t ask the question until you have established the vision or set the goals and feel good about it. You should feel excited and motivated.

Now, once you’ve set the goal, the best, most productive question you can ask is “How are we going to get there?” Now go to work as or engage your managers.

Your Take Away

  • The worst time to ask “how” is when you are setting your goals.
  • The best time to ask how is after you’ve solidified your vision.

If you consciously approach building your business this way not only will you have a more clear and compelling vision but you will also have the right mindset to discover the best approach to getting there.