The work of a leader, CEO, Business Owner, General Manager, Entrepreneur, Head Guy or Gal or whatever you call yourself is distinctively different than any other work you do in the business. When I say work I mean the way you think, respond to situations, your motivations, behaviors, actions, activities, communication…everything.

The head person looks, acts and responds in the business completely different than anyone else in the organization.

The doer, the expert, the technician as it is often referred, has a different perspective. They see the world different. They respond different. Are motivated by different things. Act different.

Understand that…

  • Being really good at marketing, the doer, doesn’t make you a good leader. Marketing people see things different than the leader.
  • Being a great engineer, doesn’t make you a good entrepreneur. Engineers have a different perspective than an entrepreneur.
  • Being an highly experienced accountant, doesn’t necessarily qualify you to run a business.
  • Being a excellent chiropractor or health practitioner doesn’t mean your business will be healthy.
  • Being the best in construction or sales or technology or real estate or whatever your do in your field doesn’t mean your business will be the best.

In the absence of understanding the distinction between these types of work and, let’s face it, a confident knowledge in how to be and do the work of the leader etc… without guessing and engaging by trial and error, you will likely default in your response and approach to business through the eyes of the doer.

The doer, the expert in you, will rule the roost when it comes to the work you do and the decisions you make.

The evidence is running around like a chicken with your head cut off in a constant state of solving problems, frustrations, chasing the next deal and making sure you are getting paid.

The competent leader is confident, calm, thoughtful, proactive, strategic, insightful and sees and acts well beyond today. They also have engaged, motivated followers.

The battle of time and energy wages between these two characters within us. The doer often wins and the business ultimately suffers. You ultimately suffer the fate of wanting the business to be more, mean more, do more, be more significant. But you lose.

There is only one solution – You must kill the doer inside you. Put that sucker to death. Stop letting him, her, it dictate the way you think and work.

The first step in the execution process is to make a very important and bold decision. You’ve got to have some guts and courage.

  1. You must decide you are willing to move on, grow, evolve, really change – Yes. I mean YOU. Personally!
  2. You must learn how a leader thinks – I mean really. Let’s be honest. Do you really know?
  3. Then you must learn how a leader acts and what they do.
  4. You must kill the doer inside you.

Let’s put them to death together.

Join me this Friday, January 20th at 12:00 Arizona time and I will show you in 30 minutes or less what you need to know and do to become the most effective leader for your organization. No fluff, fanfare, gimmicks, concepts or unproven theories…just straight-forward, practical, actionable items and information that you can begin implementing today.
If you are a business owner, regardless of the size of your business, experience etc… you will want to be here.