One of the most common things people ask me when it comes to building a systems driven business…

“Just exactly where do I start?”

I am going to answer that question in a moment.

15 years ago, when I first started my business, the idea of becoming systems driven or systemizing a business wasn’t understood or well received. It was confusing to many people. They assumed it had to do with some complex technology or advanced automation.

Today, systems are better understood.

Systems have become cool. So I was doing systems when system weren’t cool.

Does the fact that I am the “Systems Guy” now mean I am finally cool? Perhaps.

I was at a conference a while back and everyone was talking about systems and culture. All of a sudden I was the cool guy in the room. Everyone knew that’s what I do. I help systemize businesses and help them create awesome cultures.

Today, people have began to understand that a system is simply a tool we use to ensure consistent and predictable results.

A system could be anything from:

How you answer phones
Convert a lead
Generate a lead
Recruit and new employee
Screen a potential employee
Conduct a company meeting
Manufacture your product
Manage your receivables
Maximize profit and cash flow
Ensure accountability
Define and thread your culture

And EVERYTHING else that happens in a business

A system could be a document, a policy, a form of technology (like QuickBooks is simply a system to help support your money management activities), a leadership documents or a standard or guideline.

Today, business owners are beginning to realize that the key to the success in their business is dependent on the quality of their systems. The smart ones are recognizing that becoming a systems driven business is the key to their business success, growth, scalability , performance and sustainability. They also recognize it’s the key to their personal freedom, making more money and being able to engage in the work they are most passionate about or enjoy doing the most.

Now if you don’t see it yet; if the idea of becoming systems driven doesn’t resonant or make sense to you, then perhaps you might want to watch this video.

If it does make sense but you haven’t fully systemized your business then you might be asking the question…

“Where do I start?”

The answer is simple.

You need to create your Master Systems List.

Your master systems list is an index, if you will, of all the systems you will need in your business.

Click here for a sample.

It’s pretty straight forward actually. A well organized Master Systems List will help you manage the System Development Cycle.

[By the way, I have a web based program designed to help you and your company organize and document your systems. It’s also a place to securely house and easily access your online operation manuals. If you’re interested in using the program let me know. It’s actually pretty cool and will simplify your life!]

Like I said, take a look at the sample. It will give you a pretty clear idea of how to set up your Master Systems List.

The next step would be to identify your systems and add them to your Master Systems List. There are several methods for building your list. And I’ll be talking about that in my next message. Stay tuned.