Everyone has a role within your organization. In some cases people occupy multiple roles or positions. Interestingly, although everyone has a title in the business, people are often confused about what others do in the business. A lack of clarity results in a lack of efficiency. Often critical tasks slip through the cracks.

In order to elimate this problem, you need to create an organization chart for your business. But just don’t create an organization chart for your business as it is today, create one for the future. Consider your business goals or targets 3 years from now. What will your organizational structure need to be in order to support those goals?

Finally, as you consider your role and work as the CEO/Leader/Owner of your business, be thinking and strategizing about how you can move yourself out of some of the more tactical roles in your business up the organization chart.

1 – Draft your organization chart as it stands today.

2 – Review your primary goals for 3-5 years from now. 

3 – Consider the roles and positions you want to occupy in the business in the future. Review your Business Life Connection.

4 – Draft, review and finalize your organization chart of the future.