Sarah certificate (2)Eden Sunshine, Founder of the Level 7 System, at a recent visit to Trilliant Real Estate Group in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada, proudly presented the first official Certified Level 7 Systems Coordinator award to Sarah Eglese.

Sarah completed the training and passed the Certification Assessment in June of 2014. Although Sarah knew that she had passed to assessment and completed the Certification, it didn’t become official until Eden’s visit in May of 2015.

“Sarah worked very hard on the training and preparing for the assessment.” Eden asserts. “Most importantly, she will be a invaluable resource to the Trilliant Real Estate Group because of knowledge and capabilities she will be bringing to the table.”

A Certified Level 7 Systems Coordinator is a vital role to the successful implementation of the Level 7 System within a business. Some businesses engaged in Level 7 Implementation have stated that it is the most important function related to becoming a fully systems driven business.

Having a┬áCertified Level 7 Systems Coordinator within a business is also a requirement for a business to become a Certified Level 7 Business. Trilliant Real Estate Group is well on it’s way to receiving the first Certification in Canada.