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What is Level 7 Implementation?

Level 7 will transform an ordinary business into a world class, systems driven, scalable, turnkey organization.

Level 7 is more than a coaching or consulting program, although people often think of it that way. Level 7 is a business development system or methodology. Level 7 is a tool built around a core set of business principles that dictate how a organization makes decisions, resolves challenges and ultimately grows. The Level 7 is made up of concepts that lead to more productive thinking which leads to more productive action. Level 7 is a system designed to effectively remove the guess work out of “how to do business well” with the intended outcome to create a high performing organization that produces optimal results. Level 7 is a process that supports the creation of scalable, replicatable, systems driven companies that serve the lives of the people within them.

With that being said, your relationship to Level 7 is vastly different than a traditional coaching or consulting model. In a traditional consulting or coaching model the results you often receive is dependent on the knowledge, experience and expertise of the consultant or coach you are working with. In addition, your success is also dependent on their ability, and willingness, to effectively communicate their knowledge and expertise in a way that makes sense to you and your business.

Level 7 is different in that the business knowledge, experience and expertise is found in the system itself, not the individual that is supporting you in implementing Level 7. The Level 7 System IS the business expert. The role of the Level 7 Implementation Specialist is to help you and your business implement the “system?. A Level 7 Implementation Specialist is not necessarily an expert at business. They are, however, an expert at helping you effectively implement Level 7 into your business.

By engaging in Level 7 your goal and focus, as is your Certified Level 7 Implementation Specialist, is to successfully implement the Level 7 Business Methodology into your organization. Your goal is to create a Level 7 culture and a business the runs based on Level 7 Principles.


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The Level 7 Collaborative Implementation Program is a highly interactive and execution focused program using the world class Level 7 Implementation Process combining group interaction with other motivated and talented business owners engaged in Level 7 Implementation and one on one support from a Certified Level 7 Implementation Specialist.


The Level 7 Premier One on One Implementation Program is our full access, highly interactive and accountable implementation program designed and customized specifically for your company to ensure full adoption and integration throughout your organization. Work with a Level 7 Certified Implementation Specialist to begin building a scalable, sustainable, systems driven business that will truly serve your life.

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