If you have employees you expect them to perform. You want them to be successful in the work they do. And I have news for you…they want to be successful too.

Rarely have I met an employee who doesn’t want to do a good job and succeed. Granted, over time they might become disenchanted with their job, their work, the business, and give up. They start going through the motions. This happens over time generally after their expectations and needs for fulfillment are not being met by their employer.
You have something in common with your people.
You want your people to be rockstars.
And they want to be rockstars.
Here are 7  action items you can take.
#1 – Recognize Their Success = Your Success
The overall results of your organization are an accumulated result of every employees performance. Focus on their success.
#2 – Define the Result or What Success Means
Completing tasks doesn’t mean someone is successful. Just because I made 50 cold calls today doesn’t mean I am successful. The goal of the calls is to set an appointment or make a sale. So many people get so focused on the routine of doing various activities they have lost sight of (or never knew) the primary goal. Doing tasks lead to results. You must define the result in order to bring meaning and purpose to the work. Once you’ve defined the result, then people can focus on doing the things most important to produce the result.
#3 – Measure Success and Performance
Once you’ve defined results, you have to measure them. We have to report back to our people how they are performing. If they are not producing because you either don’t have a good system, they haven’t been trained or they are not following the system. Which leads to the next point.
#4 – Develop Systems
Commit to creating systems that will enable people to be effective at producing the results you expect. If I have someone making cold calls, they will be more effective if I develop a system or script that would enable them to successfully convert the calls to appointments or a sale.
#5 – Provide Training
Teach your people the system until they are proficient. If they system works, make sure they know how to operate it.
#6 – Expect Follow-Through
If you ask someone to follow the system, then expect them to use it.
#7 – Continue to Mentor and Develop Your People
Did you know Southwest Airlines invests more in employee training then marketing? Invest in your people by mentoring and developing them. Encourage their growth. It will pay off big time.
If you invest the time and energy to implement these steps, you people will  be happier, more productive employees and your business will be even more successful.