I know several people that hate their businesses. They are miserable. Unhappy. Hate Monday’s. Can’t wait for the weekend. Sadly their weekends aren’t any fun either because… they are thinking and worrying about work.

Funny thing is they actually have pretty good businesses. Lot’s of potential. And lot’s of opportunities to improve.

In a previous posting I wrote about the work life balance and how we often focus on the wrong things. We try to ‘get away’ from our businesses rather than create more fulfilling and rewarding work experiences.

How can our businesses be rewarding if our focus is on how terrible it is? It’s not possible.

And here is another sad reality. If the business is miserable for you, your employees will think it’s miserable too.

“The fish stinks from the head down,” according to a Spanish Proverb.

As the leader of the business, you set the tone. Don’t expect your people to be the ones who will set and create the happy, upbeat, rewarding environment you seek.

It’s up to you as the leader.

Joe Cerino, President of HAR Adhesive, a business that has successfully implemented the Level 7 System, has indicated that on some very rare occasions, he doesn’t feel up to putting on his happy face when he walks into his business.

But once Joe goes through the doors of his company he makes a choice. He is on stage and will set the tone for his people. His choices have paid off big time. He has created a culture that he enjoys and I am sure his people enjoy too. It all started with him taking responsibility for the environment and his attitude. That’s what leaders do!

Here are some action steps you could take to begin to create a business that you enjoy.

1- Make a decision. If you hate your business and see no way out of the misery, get out. Have the guts to move on. At least you will be happier. Want to read a book about how and when it’s appropriate to quit? Read Seth Godin’s book The Dip. It’s a fast read and helps determine when to stick it out and when to quit. Option 2 is to make a decision that you are going to make it better and take responsibility for your happiness and the culture of your business.

2- Decide to be happy and grateful for the position and opportunity placed before you. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of the people you employ. You can help them change their paradigms and actually start to like or love their work too.

3- Be aware of your mood and associated actions. Make a choice to be happy. Act on it!

4- Begin to communicate the culture you want to create. Tell your people that you desire for everyone to enjoy their work. Share that you want work to be pleasant and rewarding and for it to be a place where we get to express our gifts and talents and to grow.

5- Repeat #4 often.

6- Be persistent and don’t give up.

7- Smile and enjoy the ride.

Most people don’t have the luxury of not engaging in some form of work. Since we are working, why not have fun and love it?

Change your mind, change your attitude, change your actions and your environment will be transformed around you.