Developing a solid business requires that we have a solid business development system. The Level 7 approach to business is that system. One of the many reasons the Level 7 System works is because it gets all the people in your business involved in some way shape and form. When you have people involved in the process of not just working IN your business but supporting in the development OF the business it can be a very powerful thing.

To do so, however, requires a shift in the culture and the way your people think and act. The business must create a culture that supports the development of the Level 7 System.

Here is your Level 7 Implementation Tip of the Week.

1 – Review the Level 7 Core Principles. Click here => Level 7 Core Principles Overview

2 – Determine the best communication methods and develop your training strategy to communicate the Level 7 Core Principles to your people. Remember communication must be consistent, routine and utilize a variety of methods.

3- Implement your training and communication around each of the Core Principles. Your key communication points are as follows:

  • How do become results driven in everything we do in the business?
  • How do we become systems driven in everything we do in the business?
  • How do we ensure effective two-way communication throughout the organization?
  • How do we build trust and accountability between our people within the organization?
  • How do we ensure that we are objective in our decision making and performance evaluations within the business?
  • How do we orchestrate consistent and effective innovation within the organization?
  • How do we thread our own culture so it can become self sustaining?

4- Determine who will become Certified as Level 7 Managers and Systems Coordinators.

5- Establish and implement a plan for your people to become certified. Here are some options =>