The key to successful leadership is creating a compelling vision and creatively and effectively communicating it until there is an enthusiastic collective focus among the followers.

Doing this provides clarity and focus. It gives us and our people a mission and sense of purpose we can grab a hold of. Good leadership does this. And they do it well.

A leader must also be effective at minimizing and eliminating distractions. Distractions cause division and disharmony. Distractions cause conflict. Distractions create doubt. Distractions leave people disillusioned and then they cease to follow. Distractions cause people to question the leadership.

Leaders work on vision and create focus. When this work is not done effectively, watch out because people will get distracted.

Work on Your Vision for Your Ideal Business by considering and writing down the answers to these questions.

  1. What do I want this business to look and be like in the future?
  2. How will we be significantly different from others in our industry?
  3. How big will we be?
  4. How will our employees act?
  5. What will our customers think of us?

Compile your thoughts into a one or two page document you can share with others in your business.