Do you remember those old 3d computer images that were widely popular about 10-15 years ago? At first glance the picture just looked like a bunch of random colors or dots, but if you stared at it long enough an embedded image would come to life.

Sometimes it would take a while to focus your eyes correctly to see the hidden art. Assuming you consider images of the Starship Enterprise fighting a Klingon Warbird art.

Nonetheless, it was fun or exciting when you were able to discover the image.

I want you to consider that leadership is like helping your people see the hidden image behind the vision of your business. To most business owners they think their people really see it. It is as if they hang the picture on the wall and except people to know there is something much more rich and exciting behind the random dots and colors. I am here to tell you, most employees don’t see it unless you activity, consciously, intentionally and consistently engage them in the conversation.

The fact is most people don’t really understand what is going on in your head (assuming you are the leader of your organization). One of your primary jobs as a leader is to help maneuver the picture, show them how to focus until such point in time where the hidden image appears to them in all its glory.

How will you know they see it? The same way you know when someone discovers the Starship Enterprise, they get excited. They will begin to point out things they see. They get enthusiastically engaged in the conversation.

So the question of the day is this – Do your people really see it as evidenced by their active and enthusiastic engagement in the vision and direction of your business?

Tomorrow I will post the steps necessary to begin the process to get your people truly on board. Get updates here =>