“Management is not sexy,” I once heard someone say. Everyone, it seems, wants to talk about leadership. Leadership sounds appealing to people. It’s sexy.

It’s like management has become a dirty word.

I think people avoid discussions around HOW to be effective as a manager because of the perception that it has to do with controlling and dealing with people. If that’s what management is, then it’s no wonder we don’t want to talk about or engage in it.

People don’t want to manage because it feels like “babysitting” or micromanaging. Yuck…that’s not fun. I mean let’s face it, we shouldn’t have to babysit our people or micromanage them. They are adults for goodness sake.

Yet, many people – business owners specifically – get frustrated because their people are not performing at optimal levels or meeting their expectations. (And by the way, if you are an employee working in a company, it’s not your fault. I know you are working hard and doing your best.)

Herein lies the problem, employers and managers are often frustrated with their people but employees are doing their best or at least think they are doing their best.

The problem stems from poor and ineffective management practices. But we don’t want to talk about it cause it just ain’t that much fun.

But what if you really knew how to do it well? What if there were a very simple approach that doesn’t require micromanaging and controlling people but rather creates an environment that would ensure the success of your people at work? What if people could really perform at optimal levels and take ownership for their results without having to be babysat?

I think getting results as simply and easily as possible is sexy. A good manager is able to get results from their people.

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We will discuss:

  • How you can evaluate your success as a manager.
  • The three very simple things a manager should do – and it has nothing to do with micromanaging – to be effective.

You will leave this very brief teleconference (I promise it will be less than 30 minutes) with a whole new attitude about management and some very specific, implementable tools that you can begin using immediately in your business.

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By the way, if you are a manager or aspire to be a manager within your organization, I encourage you to join me as well.

Become a sexy manager.