Level 7’s mission is to change the way businesses think and work. We want to build businesses that really work. We want businesses that serve our lives rather than consume them. We believe that the world of business development has gotten too complicated but it doesn’t have to be that way. We believe that doing the right things, the right way is the key to building an extraordinary organization. We have made it our life work to develop and present a practical, simple approach that empowers businesses and their owners to create world class companies.

From the beginning, Level 7 has been an alternative to the prevailing approach to business coaching and consulting. We promote competency through quality systems delivered by people passionate about improving businesses and lives. Typical coaching and consulting relies almost exclusively on the experience and knowledge of the consultant. It also depends on their ability to transfer that knowledge to their client and the business.

Level 7 differs in the sense that our results are based on the system, not the individual delivering the information. Businesses implementing Level 7 can be confident in the results they will receive because its the system that ensures the results.  Our Level 7 Certified Implementation Specialists are experts in the Level 7 System. They are specially trained in successfully guiding businesses through the implementation process.

Level 7 is not a franchise and never will be. Our affiliates constitute a united confederation of Certified Level 7 Implementation Specialists pooling resources, system improvement ideas and implementation tactics under the Level 7 name.

We encourage you to contact one of our Certified Level 7 Affiliates if you would like professional and effective support implementing Level 7.

Here is a list of Level 7 Affiliates:


Eden Sunshine Enterprises
623 551 5469


If you are interesting in becoming a Level 7 Certified Affiliate read Becoming a Level 7 Affiliate.