ADAM-LEVINE 335x450Adam Levine, lead singer of the band Maroon Five (Moves Like Jagger) and current coach on the show The Voice, was just named sexiest man alive by People Magazine. Now I asked my wife if she agreed. She looked in my eyes and lied her butt off and said, “No honey, I think you are.”
I give her props for trying nonetheless.
I suppose sexy is a matter of perspective.
Most people don’t use the word sexy and business in the same sentence. Or at least rarely. There was one occasion when a friend of mine suggested that conversations about systems and procedures is not sexy. It simply doesn’t captivate people’s attention like the latest marketing gaget, newest technology or smart phone app.
When we talk about systems, it conjures up thoughts of flow charts, checklists, procedures, operation manuals and documenting stuff. Snooze. Oh my gosh, I think I am boring myself.
Allow me a moment to offer a new perspective.
Perhaps sexy is being in control. Perhaps sexy is having a plan that works. Perhaps sexy is certainty and confidence in an end result, goal or future outcome. Perhaps sexy is having an environment where the people in the business are excited and motivated to see and participate in the business success. Perhaps sexy is having more freedom.
Developing a systems driven business is simple an approach. In my experience it is the best, most logical approach to building a business that really works and serves lives.
The rule is this: The key to building a great business is dependent on the quality of your systems. If you want to improve your business then improve your systems. And if that is true, and it is, then your primary job to ensure that you create a successful, sexy business is to figure out how to build and continually reinvent your systems.