This One Tweak Made Me Great (for a moment in time)

It was the 14th hole and I was ready to throw my clubs into the lake. Seriously. I was done. Frustrated. Please don't get on me about being in the moment or just experiencing the joy of the day and scenery. Perhaps it's my personality. Maybe it was my pride or...

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Double Your Sales Next Week…Yeah Right!

Many business owners have no idea what their company sales will be next week, month or year. Other than relying on past performance or simply wishful thinking, they under estimate the control they really have over their destiny and ability to achieve their sales...

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Four Ways to Run a Business Without Managers

Most businesses function in a traditional, legacy management hierarchy structure. Essentially every employee reports to a specific, designated manager. In many of the businesses I work with, especially in the beginning stages of our engagement, every employee reports...

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Introduction to YODA

Here is a brief video on how to use YODA (Your Organization Development Administrator)     Although we encourage you to watch the entire video in order to get familiar with YODA, you can also very specific segments to get the specific information that you...

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Part 1 | The Systemization Process

One of the most common things people ask me when it comes to building a systems driven business… “Just exactly where do I start?” I am going to answer that question in a moment. 15 years ago, when I first started my business, the idea of becoming systems driven or...

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What We Can Learn About Business from Terrorists

I believe every business owner wants their business to stand out among the crowd. Whoever said, “I want my business to be ordinary; just like everyone else’s?” No one I have ever met. We want our businesses to be distinctive. Unique. Extraordinary. Noticed. Preferred....

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One Reason You Might Not Be Achieving Your Goals

I've had something on my mind lately. Actually walking through some of my own personal growth challenges and I have come face to face with something I haven't paid much attention to in the past. Not that the problem or challenge didn't exist, I guess I just wasn't...

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